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Thank You

During August 2016 and May 2017, we ran crowd funding campaigns on Kickstarter. Our aim was to raise money to help us produce the new collection and develop a whole new range of designs. For many new businesses finance is often a barrier businesses struggle with, and this process allowed us to build and grow our brand which has been incredible!

We had a great time reaching out to our networks and meeting more people all over the world who have shown interest in our designs and brand. We wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who backed the project and really made a dream become a reality. Below are all the people that made this come to life, THANK YOU!!

FROM 2016:

John Pressdee, Cornelia Schulz, Srivathsa D V, Narendra Khanna, Penelope Cream, Michael Smith, Elizabeth Bevan, Emily Groves, Fran Soper, Celina Jones, Laura Berman, Suki Webster, Julia Faye Roebuck, Zoe, Noor, Sherien Stephan, Jono Sharples, Mark Hackman, Vivienne Lopez, Hannah Calder-Bundy, Sophie Hewitt, Kiersty Garbett, Cliff Gillies, Sarah Knight, Mary Penny, Kirsty McDougall, Dominic Frisby, Guy Dinwiddy, E. Alexander Chase, Gozi Nwachukwu, Raquel Sampson, Carl Cozens, Michelle Durant, Andrea Deans, Hollie Scott, Alexander Hills, Adam Baylis-West, Paul Hopwood, William, Kay Stapleton, Toni Castells, Cindy Lawford, Carolyn Deer, Bruce, Kristin Heisig Pennypacker, Paul Davis, Meredith Cook, Melinda A. Lowery, Loren Dearborn, Samantha, Maru Rojas, Claudia, Amanda Niu, faisal, Rachel Northedge, Rebecca Johnston, Annemarie Dulson, Karen Wilkinson, Rosey Hurst, Lisa Cassidy, Magnus, Richard Showan, Jon Bancroft, Anne Tilley, Gill Gledhill, Guy Hills, Jennifer, Stephanie Cunningham, Mohamedali Gokal, Dionne Harrison, Andrew Knipe, Alexandria Nolan, Laura Socwell, Diana Gillikin, Shailee, Elaine, Janeane Ardolino, Tushar Vince, Maria, Sam Nicholson, Colin Cameron, Akiyo N, Annette Dolejsi, Joan Wollenbecker, Katie May, Emma Baines, Charlotte, Frank Chiang, Maggie Sawkins, Uppili, Magdalena Bak-Maier, Gareth Williams, Ana Marta Martins, Richard Rossi, Seonaid Wright, Marek Chudik, Leena Chauhan, Faye Coulson, Kate Rhodes, Sean Johnson, Ronnie Rich, Ben Marinic.

FROM 2017:

Wendy Swift, Karen Wilkinson, JP Hewitt, Nicole Malan, Laura Socwell, Gavin Black, Andrew Prynne, Jon Bancroft, Guy Hills, Colin Cameron, Michael Smith, Eric, HoverBike, Meredith Cook, Claudia, Carmen Bouchard, Michelle Hobbs, Dagmar Schmitt-Holfter, Andrew Knipe, Sasha Fuller, Jonathan Fowler, Justyn Hardcastle, Jaydene Meadows Stephen Nowoselski, Stephanie Tennert, Brian Marsh, Kaori, Narendra Khanna, Joan Wollenbecker, Danny Hirst, Sophie Determann, Leo, Alexia Ward, Tushar Vince, Kiersty Garbett, JoeViturbo, Frank Chiang, Leena Chauhan, Sophie Hewitt, Laura Berman, Diana Kerr, Akiyo N., Kevin Chan.

And a special thank you goes out to those who really helped me build the campaigns and business. Jon Bancroft for his hours of support and for listening to all my ideas, for filming the video and editing it so magnificently and for all the emotional support through the campaign and always! Tracey-Lee Sharples for being the queen of communications throughout the campaign, for contacting all the press and getting us seen in some awesome places, and for really helping to spread the word about the campaign. Also for being a great support and team mate when working together and for always making me smile and turning up with tasty treats! Lastly to my wonderful mentor Mark Hackman who has led me to lead the business I am so proud of today, for all his incredible knowledge he has shared with me about his business and entrepreneurial journey and for always clearing the space for me to see the big picture more brightly and creating goals and a vision to be inspired by.