Wow can you believe it is nearly August. The time is flying by and I realised I had not sent you all an update for July.

Well the above shares the view from the last couple of days (there was some sunshine, promise!) That’s right, I have been on the road, and drove all the way from London to Langholm in the Scottish Borders.

I went to go an see our wonderful weavers at Drove Weaving as my latest collection was supposed to be on the loom and ready to weave.

Having travelled more than 360 miles to visit our weavers, I found out upon arrival that in fact all my yarns were sat on the floor awaiting to be put into production…

Being the smallest fish, in a very large pond, a large order from Chanel came in the week before, and as ever, they were a priority on the production line.

I titled my newsletter this month, persistence and perseverance, and I was trying to work out what the difference was in both these words:

Persistence: Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Perseverance: Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

And I realised that they were both relevant.


Although the set back I realised that the only way is forward and to tackle the next hurdle. I had a great time catching up with Robbie and discussing what was possible in the timeframes we have.

In the UK, the mills close for a summer holiday, and they re-open on the 14th August.

So I wanted to share with you all this latest update, and the slight delay in production. With all of this in mind, I am hoping to get the scarves and blankets delivered to my wonderful backers in the 3rd week of September!

01Above shows you some image of the mill, as I wanted to share where I had been, and where all the magic happens! In the top two images you can see the warps (vertical) threads being prepared, and the rest of the photos show the layout and different machinery in the mill.

I will be sharing more images on my social media channels so do check out the links below.

If you have any questions in the meantime, do get in contact – Holly@CheckMeOutDesign.com